Why florida is the worst?

WalletHub ranked Florida 48th in a list of the “safest states in America.” We get it. Florida is 2019’s third-least safe state in the U.S., according to a new ranking by WalletHub. Only Louisiana and Mississippi were ranked as being more dangerous.

Why you shouldn’t live in Florida?

Hurricanes and other natural disasters Florida is known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes. Hurricanes can be deadly, and repairing storm damage done to a home or business could cost a lot. Hurricanes can knock out electrical grids in neighborhoods.

What are the bad things about Florida?

  1. The heat and humidity can be oppressive, especially in the summer months.
  2. The weather can turn nasty sometimes.
  3. Florida is completely flat, and it can make driving around tedious.
  4. There are lots of bugs everywhere, some of which are very large in size.

What is the stupidest state?

  1. Hawaii.
  2. Nevada.
  3. Mississippi.
  4. Alabama.
  5. Florida.
  6. South Carolina.
  7. West Virginia.
  8. Louisiana.
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What is the ugliest state?

Oklahoma. Oklahoma, like Kansas, is considered to be one of the ugliest states due to its flatness and nothingness. Oklahoma does have beautiful green hills and forests along its border with Arkansas and a variety of other pretty scenery.

What can kill you in Florida?

  1. Spiders.
  2. Florida Black Bears.
  3. Sharks.
  4. American Alligators.
  5. Snakes.
  6. Wild Boars.
  7. Florida Panthers.
  8. Fire Ants.

What is the cheapest and safest place to live in Florida?

CAPE CORAL: Cheapest Places to Live in Florida The population of Cape Coral is about 175,000. The lower crime rate makes it one of the safest places to live in Florida.

Should I move to Texas or Florida?

While both states are about average in terms of cost of living, Texas is slightly cheaper. From a lack of income and property taxes to more variance in weather, you can’t go wrong with Texas. But if you prefer warmer weather and don’t mind the slightly higher costs, Florida might be right for you.

Where is the safest place in Florida?

  1. Marco Island.
  2. Parkland.
  3. Weston.
  4. Winter Springs.
  5. North Palm Beach.
  6. Oviedo.
  7. Cooper City.
  8. Safety Harbor.

Is 60K a good salary in Florida?

60K is a decent income for many places in the US. The big question is what is the cost of living where you live in Southern Florida.

What’s the worst place to live in Florida?

  1. Florida City.
  2. Lake City.
  3. Opa Locka.
  4. Lake Park.
  5. Panama City Beach.

What are the downsides of living in Florida?

  1. Hurricanes and extreme heat and humidity have an impact.
  2. The state is extremely flat, lacking mountains and valleys.
  3. There are more tourists and part-time residents than other states.
  4. You’ll be paying higher insurance costs than other parts of the country.
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Why are homes so cheap in Florida?

Florida has a lot of land, has low wages, and maintains a lower cost of living than in other places but from a local perspective, home prices are very high and the property taxes reflect this. One of the factors that occurred is that the tax rate on homes in some cases doubled or tripled.

What nationality is the smartest?

The OECD used data, including adult education level, to determine the world’s smartest nations. Based on this data, Canada was listed as the most intelligent nation. Japan placed second, while Israel came in third. Other high-ranking nations include Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Finland.

What is the poorest state in USA?

  1. Mississippi. Known as the birthplace of Blues music and the namesake of the Mississippi River, Mississippi has been ranked as the poorest state in America. With a total poverty rate of 19.6%, Mississippi’s rate is far above the national average rate of 10.5%.

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