Why even bother?

—used to say that something is not worth the trouble “I’ll try calling again.” “Why bother?”

Should I even bother meaning?

—used to say that something is not worth the trouble “I’ll try calling again.” “Why bother?”

What does don’t even bother mean?

“Bother” also means to take the effort to do something, so “don’t even bother asking” is like saying “don’t even take the effort to ask me”; “don’t bother doing xyz” is often used to express that doing something is a waste of time or effort.

How do you use bother in a sentence?

  1. I didn’t even bother to ask.
  2. Look, I’m sorry to bother you with my troubles.
  3. “I’m sorry to bother you,” she said again, unable to see his face in the shadows of the dimly lit room.
  4. And that doesn’t bother you?
  5. This does not bother you?
  6. That man will never bother you again, he said.
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What does do not bother mean?

DEFINITIONS1. used for telling someone that they do not need to do something for you. You can also say this in a way that shows you think someone has not been very helpful. ‘I’ll get you a chair. ‘ ‘No, please don’t bother.

How do you respond to don’t bother?

Both “OK” and “Thank you” are good answers to conclude that part of the conversation. Their response of “Don’t worry about it” can also be a conclusion to the conversation.

How do you use dont bother?

You say can “don’t bother” alone or “don’t bother. I’ll do it myself” when you want to guilt trip someone into doing something. Or you can say it with something to show that it doesn’t need to be done anymore. “Don’t bother taking out the trash.

How do you say don’t bother in a nice way?

  1. don’t concern yourself.
  2. drop it.
  3. ignore it.
  4. it doesn’t matter.
  5. it’s all right.
  6. let it go.
  7. nothing.
  8. stop.

What a bother meaning?

1 : to annoy especially by petty provocation : irk It bothers her when people litter. bothered by the itchy tag on his shirt. 2 : to intrude upon : pester Don’t bother him when he’s working. 3 : to cause to be somewhat anxious or concerned My stomach is bothering me.

What is a bothered person?

a person or thing that causes fuss, trouble, or annoyance. informal a disturbance or fight; trouble (esp in the phrase a spot of bother)

What can you say instead of sorry for bothering you?

  1. Send a customer review.
  2. Include a case study.
  3. Link to a blog post.
  4. Reference a mutual connection.
  5. Provide a suggestion.
  6. Drop shop-talk altogether.
  7. Offer to walk away.
  8. Compliment them.
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How do you use sorry to bother you?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsorry to bother yousorry to bother youspoken used as a very polite way of interrupting someone when you want their attention Sorry to bother you, but Mr. Grey is on the line.

What does it mean to get lost in your thoughts?

: thinking about something and not paying attention to one’s surroundings.

What does Nevermind mean?

1 —used to tell someone not to be concerned about or give attention to something or someone Never mind your mistake: it wasn’t serious. So you made a little mistake! Never mind (about that): it wasn’t serious.’

What is the reply for No worries?

It’s similar “not a problem” or “don’t worry about it.” Somehow, “no worries” has become the more common expression. You can just say “thanks” if you feel the need to respond.

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