Why don’t the white walkers kill sam in season 2?

Originally Answered: In s02 of GoT, a White Walker saw Sam hiding. Why didn’t it kill Sam? The most straightforwad answer is that the WWs needed a dragon to get through the Wall. For the plan to work they were forced to let some go so they would tell the tale of what a threat WWs are.

Why did the White Walkers let Sam live in Season 2?

Speculations On Why The White Walkers Let Sam Live Since Sam saw firsthand the enormity of the White Walkers and their army, he could spread the truth which would result in more fear. Essentially, the White Walkers could have wanted Sam to travel back to the Wall and inform the Night’s Watch of what was coming.

Why did the White Walkers leave Samwell alone?

It is possible the White Walker left him alive in order to convey the message: “We’re back!” It could sow fear among humanity. Or, he was just so disgusted with Sam’s cowardice that he passed him by.

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How did the White Walkers not see Sam?

You never actually see Sam or the mounted White Walker make eye contact. It is cleverly implied. Sam clearly hears the hooves padding through the snow and hears the rattling chains and the White Walker looks off to the left and then shrieks an order/battlecry.

Why did White Walkers want babies?

They want children from beyond the wall that were promised them when they erected the wall. And so they take the babies offered by the nights watch and in return do not harm men beyond the wall. Probably because Craster has some royal blood.

Did Samwell Tarly die?

But on Sunday night, “Samwell Tarly, Slayer of White Walkers” didn’t get his chance. With Gilly and little Sam down in the crypts, Edd saved Sam from the screeching wights, dying in the process.

Did Samwell Tarly kill a White Walker?

The Night’s Watch had encountered White Walkers and wights then, but Sam didn’t get in on the fighting action then. This time, however, he manages to stab the White Walker in the back with the dagger. It immediately stops the White Walker, who falls over and completely shatters.

Why didn’t Arya turn into a White Walker?

Arya did not turn into a white Walker/Wight because she wasn’t killed by the night king. So far we have only seen the night king turn one person into a white Walker, and that was Craster’s son. We know Benjen was turned into one,but that wasn’t shown to be by the night king.

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Why did drogon spare Jon Snow?

Drogon, the finale’s script notes, “wants to burn the world, but he will not kill Jon.” … Because of that, he would have known that she loved Jon until the very end, and that she had been corrupted by the seat of power, and so Jon Snow didn’t deserve to die for killing her in the Game of Thrones series finale.

How strong is Dragon glass?

Dragonglass is a common name in Westeros for the substance known as obsidian, a form of volcanic glass. Along with Valyrian steel, it is one of the two known substances capable of killing White Walkers. It is also capable of killing wights.

Does Sam kill a White Walker in the books?

In the books In the A Song of Ice and Fire books, Sam slays a White Walker that attacks him after he falls back from the main column during the march to Craster’s Keep.

Why did King wanted to kill Bran?

Exactly why The Night King insists on killing Bran is later summed up by the Three-Eyed Raven himself in season 8 episode 2’s “A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms” by stating “He wants to erase this world, and I am its memory.” Since the Three-Eyed Raven is basically a living record of mankind within the world of Game Of …

Why do white walkers want to invade Westeros?

What have they been waiting for? The White Walkers have been assembling a massive army that is large enough to invade Westeros/Terros. That takes time, and they need to hunt down as many viable candidates for wighthood. So they hunt the Free Folk.

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Do baby White Walkers grow up?

As we know, White Walkers are a magical humanoid, so it seems likely that they would grow up like normal humans. But that would mean that the baby from season four probably isn’t a grown-up White Walker yet, which would indicate he isn’t ready to join any invading armies.

Why does Valyrian steel kill White Walkers?

Swords made of Valyrian steel (which are forged with dragon fire, according to legend) can kill them. … The First Men used it to defend themselves against White Walkers and Sam Tarly discovered its killing potential when he stabbed one with it after it shattered his sword.

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