Why don’t people like dark souls 2?

Dark Souls 2 like many other controversial games got off to a bad start due to being downgraded from the trailers and demos. In marketing material for Dark Souls 2 the game looked a lot better and had very good lighting engine. Both of those were downgraded for the full release due to performance issues.

Why is Dark Souls 2 so different?

Part of the reason that Dark Souls 2 was so radically different from the first game was that they both had different directors. … Dark Souls 2’s enemies are much easier to take down than those found in Dark Souls, and the developers counteracted this by simply forcing the player to fight many enemies at once.

Why does Dark Souls 2 get so much hate Reddit?

Dark Souls 2 does a lot of things really well that DS3 totally failed to do. There’s Build Variety, there’s good equipment to be had, and there’s mechanical improvements and tons more. It gets hate because it’s unrefined. Visually, it’s a little wonky compared to 1 and 3.

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Can I skip Dark Souls 2?

On a serious note, you should not skip it. There are many references of DS2 in DS3 such as items and characters, even the new DLC of DS3 will contain some areas from DS2. Probably. Unless you feel like dealing with ludicrous lock-on and swarms of enemies.

What is the hardest Dark Souls game?

  1. 3 Dark Souls.
  2. 4 The Surge.
  3. 5 Dark Souls 3.
  4. 6 Demon’s Souls.
  5. 7 The Surge 2.
  6. 8 Lords of the Fallen.
  7. 9 Nioh.
  8. 10 Code Vein. This game is not as hard as your average Souls-like game.

Is Dark Souls 2 not canon?

One, Dark Souls 2 is canon. Quit saying it isn’t. Two, it’s a good but flawed game like all the SoulsBorne games. It’s flaws are just different from the flaws in the other games in the series.

Is Dark Souls 2 or 3 better?

In terms of artwork, refinement and realism, Dark Souls 3 is better than Dark Souls 2. However, it just doesn’t capture the spirit of joyful mayhem the way that Dark Souls 2 does. I think this is due to two factors. Dark Souls 3 is easier and was created for a much larger market.

Is dark souls better than Dark Souls 2?

Dark Souls is superior to its first sequel in almost every way. … Dark Souls feels like you’ve been dropped in a queasy, vicious nightmare, while Dark Souls 2 feels like you’re in a ‘gameworld’ – a collection of levels strung together in an altogether more linear fashion.

Why does Dark Souls 2 look worse than 1?

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I don’t think it looks worse in terms of detail, however the art design in general is a lot poorer compared to DS1. Main reason is because another development team worked in it and I’m pretty sure it’s using a different game engine entirely. This. I would also say that DkS1 has more “awe” inspiring sights.

Why is Dark Souls so hard?

The Dark Souls series comes across as “hard” because it markets its difficulty primarily to players who do not normally play difficult games, in an era where its peers were so utterly mindless that people have begun using “not really a game” to attack any game they don’t like because that has become a plausible …

Which Dark Souls is the best?

For the record, I think Dark Souls III is the best. Dark Souls exploded in popularity because of its uniqueness. It also set the stage for one of the most intricate and amazing stories in gaming. But as time wears on, Dark Souls feels extremely dated.

Why is Dark Souls 3 so hard?

The keyboard controls are super clunky. The menus and settings don’t even have clear labels for which key is what button in game. Dark souls 2 and 3 are considerably easier to play on the PC. As for the actual difficulty of the game once again DS3 is fairly easy compared to its predecessors.

Should I start Dark Souls 1?

Ideally I would say start with Dark Souls 1 but since you can’t, I would go with 2. It really is a very good game if taken on its own terms. It is the longest of the Dark Souls games in terms of content especially if you play through all the DLCs. Has a lot of things going for it.

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Is Dark Souls harder than Dark Souls 2?

Dark Souls 1 had some harder bosses overall, but Dark Souls 2 has much more insidious levels and enemy placements as well as soul crushingly difficult optional bosses. … Also Dark Souls 2 does have a nicer difficulty curve.

Is Dark Souls 2 bigger?

Not only is Dark Souls 2 bigger, it’s full of more interesting characters, weapons, and areas.

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