Why don t politicians answer questions?

Question dodging is a rhetorical technique involving the intentional avoidance of answering a question. … This can lead the person questioned to be accused of “dodging the question”. In the context of political discourse, evasion is a technique of equivocation that is important for face management.

What to say to avoid answering a question?

  1. #1 – No comment.
  2. #2 – I’m not at liberty to say.
  3. #3 – Wait and see.
  4. #4 – Let me get back to you.
  5. #5 – I’m sorry, that’s confidential.
  6. #6 – (Sorry) That’s personal.
  7. #7 – I’d rather not talk about it.
  8. #8 – Mind your own business.

How do you stop yes or no answers?

  1. Avoid Yes/No Questions.
  2. Avoid ”Multiple-choice“ and Double-barreled Questions.
  3. Don’t Switch Topics Too Frequently.
  4. Avoid the ‘Why’ Question.
  5. Avoid Asking for Little Known Facts.
  6. Avoid Imposing Concepts.
  7. Avoid Leading Questions.
  8. Listen Attentively.
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How do you deflect a question?

  1. Acknowledge the question without answering it.
  2. Ignore the question completely.
  3. Question the question.
  4. Attack the question,
  5. Decline to answer.
  6. Give an incomplete answer.
  7. State or imply the question has already been answered.
  8. Defer to the will of others.

When a guy won’t answer a direct question?

One reason that a guy might avoid answering one of your questions might be because he doesn’t want to upset you. If that is the case then the question would likely be about something that you feel emotional about and he might even give you an answer that he thinks that you want to hear.

Why does my girlfriend avoid my questions?

There may be a couple explanations for this. One of them is that some people are insecure and feel they can’t be their authentic selves because they are afraid of rejection if they disclose much of anything personal. Another potential explanation may be that some people avoid deep questions in general.

What is the most personal question to ask a guy?

  1. Do you think lies are necessary to have a long relationship or honesty is the best policy?
  2. What are some of the morals you live by?
  3. Do you believe in second chances?
  4. What are you tired of hearing about?
  5. Till what age would you like to live and why?

How do you stop unwanted questions?

  1. Enlist the help of a friend.
  2. Restate—and reframe—the question.
  3. Deflect with a joke.
  4. Offer advice instead of an answer.
  5. Deflect the question back to the asker with a compliment.
  6. Turn the tables.
  7. Address a related, but safer, personal topic.
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What are rude questions?

  1. Why are you gay?
  2. Why did you choose to be gay?
  3. Do you wish you were straight?
  4. Will you be my gay BFF? I’ve always wanted someone to go shopping with.
  5. Do you think you’re going to Hell?
  6. Do you wish you were a woman?
  7. What’s anal sex like?
  8. Have you ever slept with a woman?

What are good yes or no questions to ask?

  1. Do you believe in ghosts?
  2. Have you ever seen a UFO?
  3. Can cats jump six times their length?
  4. Do you like chocolate milkshakes?
  5. Were you in the swamp yesterday?
  6. Did you see Bigfoot?
  7. Can you see the moon?
  8. Do you know how to swim?

How do you change a yes or no question?

If the sentence has only the BE verb, switch the subject and the BE verb around to make a question. If the sentence has a helping verb, switch the subject and the (first) helping verb around to make a question. If there is neither the BE verb or a helping verb, add ‘Do’ and then the subject to make a question.

How do you dodge a yes or no question?

  1. Make Sure You Understand The Question.
  2. Take Time To Respond.
  3. Answer Part Of The Question.
  4. Postpone Your Answer.
  5. Turn Around the Pronouns.
  6. Divert The Question.
  7. Give The Asker Some Control.

What personal questions Cannot be asked?

  1. How much money do you make?
  2. Are you pregnant?
  3. Why aren’t you married?
  4. Why don’t you want/have kids?
  5. Do you believe in God?
  6. How much does your house/rent/car/purse/child’s tuition cost?
  7. How many people have you slept with?
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How do you respond to a difficult question?

  1. Listen to the Question. Sounds simple, but with so many things calling for our attention, it’s easy to be distracted and not hear what the question really is.
  2. Pause.
  3. Repeat the Question.
  4. Respond Honestly.
  5. Know When to Stop.

What is a nice way to say none of your business?

One way to avoid answering a question is to respond with “I’d rather not say.” You might also say: “That’s no concern of yours” or “That should not concern you.” (This is polite and yet firm, unlike “I’d rather not say,” which is somewhat weak and wishy-washy.)

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