Why doesn’t obi wan remember leia?

But in reality he didn’t remember here because he never met her. He may of served with her father but that doesn’t mean he ever met her. When they were filming Star Wars, Leia was not a Skywalker, and most there was never any mention of Luke having a sister or any other sibling.

Why does Darth Vader not recognize Leia?

Vader did not sense the force in Leia because at that time she had no awareness of it herself. She had no training in the force. She had never used it. … The short answer is that creator George Lucas had no idea Leia would end up becoming Darth Vader’s daughter.

How does Obi-Wan forget Leia?

Leia was not a Skywalker. In fact she didn’t become a Skywalker until Return of the Jedi. So no Obi-Wan didn’t forget it, because it wasn’t true when the movie was filmed. Any answer that actually explains it is simply an attempt to cover up a retcon that create holes in the story.

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Why didn’t Obi-Wan end Anakin’s suffering?

He himself could not bear to see Anakin meet his end, though he knew that it was his duty. But Obi-Wan had not reckoned on the powers of the emperor… Obi-Wan failed because he tried to do everything by he book, which is why the council favored him over Qui-Gon, eventually, and that’s where he went wrong with Anakin.

Does Vader know he is Anakin?

Darth Vader’s true identity was a closely guarded secret, and only a handful of people knew he was really Anakin Skywalker. Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker was a celebrated hero of the Clone Wars, and the galaxy believed he was killed during Order 66, along with the rest of the Jedi.

Does Vader ever know Leia is his daughter?

Originally Answered: Did Darth Vader know Leia was his daughter? Vader learned that Leia was his daughter by sensing it from Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi. Vader learned about Luke after he sent Boba to capture Luke alive, but Luke escaped and Boba only managed to learn his name: Skywalker.

Did Vader ever recognize R2-D2?

If we take this question directly as asked, yes Darth Vader remembers who R2D2 is. The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels are one of the few things considered canon outside of the movies, by Disney.

Why does C-3PO not recognize Tatooine?

Because Bail Organa had them wipe his memory at the end of Revenge Of The Sith and he never came back to Tatooine until A New Hope. Go watch the end of Episode III. Bail Organa ordered to have his memory wiped.

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Does R2-D2 know who Darth Vader is?

R2-D2, along with the original trio, his loyal friend C-3PO, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader, was introduced in the film now known as Star Wars: A New Hope back in 1977, and is one of the few characters that appeared in all films from the Skywalker saga. …

Did Obi-Wan regret not killing Anakin?

“Nothing happens by accident.” If we unpack that philosophy and apply it to Anakin/Vader on Mustafar, Obi-Wan would never regret delivering the death stroke to him because: Anakin/Vader would never have had the opportunity to turn back, being thus destroyed as a weapon of the Dark side.

Could Obi-Wan have killed Vader?

Obi-wan had found the immortality that Vader so desperately sought. In the end, Obi-wan was victorious not only over Vader, but also Sidious, to whom Vader had turned to for the power over death but who could, ultimately, not provide. Obi-wan, however, showed him the way. Yes he could, and he did.

Did Anakin kill Padme?

In a truly despicable move, Anakin physically hurts his pregnant wife because he thinks she has sided with Obi-Wan to kill him. He uses the dark side to choke her. … Anakin did not kill her by cutting off her air supply for a those moments.

Did everyone know Anakin was Vader?

Yes, people who had seen the original 3 films starting in the 70’s knew that Luke Skywalker’s father was Darth Vader and that he was named Anakin Skywalker.

Did Owen and Beru know Anakin was Vader?

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Yes, Owen Lars knew that Anakin was Darth Vader because remember when Beru Lars said that he(Luke) has too much of his father in him and Owen says that this is what he is afraid of he obviously knew that Anakin had turned to the Dark side.

How did Darth Vader know he had a son?

Vader sent the bounty hunter Boba Fett, the clone and son of Jango Fett, to find the Rebel pilot that destroyed the Death Star. After heading to Tatooine and beating up one of Luke’s friends, he found out the name of the pilot: Luke Skywalker. When he reported it to Darth Vader, Vader was ticked.

Did Luke and Leia know about Padme?

A new Star Wars canon novel may finally explain the confusion. This has always been a non-issue to me. She remembers her mom, aka her adopted mom Breha Organa, doesn’t yet know who Padme was, and Luke doesn’t know that Leia is not talking about his mom. End of story, no issues.

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