What is so good about game of thrones?

Without giving too much away, Game of Thrones has the finest plot in any TV show because audiences instantly become immersed in a vast and epic world without ever losing sight of the memorable characters that populate it.

What made Game of Thrones so great?

A scientific study suggests that the massive popularity of Game of Thrones and the novel series it’s based on is due to the number of characters. … The HBO series grew into one of the biggest TV shows globally since its first season premiered in 2011, receiving critical acclaim and an immensely loyal fan base.

What is so special in Game of Thrones?

“Game of Thrones offers the special indulgence of vicarious, guilt-free barbarism,” says Freeman. Life in every corner of Westeros is completely un-politically correct – good guys are killed, bad guys gain power, women are raped and pawned about, and people with “differences” are ridiculed and marginalized.

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Why is everyone obsessed with Game of Thrones?

However, the reality is that everyone obsessed with Game of Thrones because it’s popular and they are “supposed” to be. This is the mob/sheep mindset that we have as a social media culture. This feed into a never-ending circle.

Why is Game of Thrones worth watching?

The story of the series is absolutely amazing and it will make you binge watch the series. The first season starts slow, but it will catch up very nicely and it will be worth your time.

Is Game of Thrones the best series ever?

Without giving too much away, Game of Thrones has the finest plot in any TV show because audiences instantly become immersed in a vast and epic world without ever losing sight of the memorable characters that populate it.

Why is Game of Thrones so boring?

You don’t enjoy the conversations. Many Game of Thrones fans like the show because of the deep conversations that take place and political information they learn. If you are not a fan of a conversation-based series then you might find it very boring.

How did got get so popular?

As it got different from books , the avid book readers started writing GOT theories. The show itself became a very good and innovative discussion among people. It was real, with nudity included that definitely helped gaining some more followers, especially first 3 seasons.

How much did extras make on Game of Thrones?

Some even have tattoos commemorating their roles. They’re among the first to arrive on set, and among the last to leave while earning roughly $100 a day. “Obviously they’re called ‘extras’ so there’s not a whole lot of money or respect that comes with that job,” showrunner David Benioff told EW.

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Is got still worth watching?

Is Game of Thrones still worth watching despite majority of people saying the last season was terrible? Yes. It is a good story regardless of how it ends. The first 4 seasons were good, partly because George R R Martin was there to write some episodes and help the show-makers.

How many hours is Game of Thrones total?

The total runtime of each season of Game of Thrones shows that the first six seasons were all considerably longer than the final two, with the latter seasons each under 450 minutes (7.5 hours).

Where should I watch Game of Thrones?

Watch all Seasons of Game of Thrones (GOT) Streaming Online on Disney+ Hotstar.

Is there any TV series better than Game of Thrones?

  1. American Horror Story. This horror anthology treats each season as a mini-series of its own and after 9 seasons, it’s still going strong. … Sure, some seasons are far better than others, but the show as a whole, will definitely not allow you to go pee alone at night.

Is Witcher as good as Game of Thrones?

Many diehard supporters of the HBO show consider The Witcher to be a cheap imitation of GOT. Whereas, lovers of the Netflix series think their show saved fantasy drama after Game of Thrones’ despised final season. Naturally, the arguments between the two fanbases can turn toxic at times.

Which is better Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?

Breaking Bad surely is a great show but it is not better than Game of Thrones. My vote is for GAME OF THRONES. Breaking Bad got progressively better but there were a lot of moments where it was kinda boring.

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Why is breaking bad so boring?

Why is breaking bad so boring? They make horrible choices and since the first season, I had nothing but contempt for the main character and his accomplices. The other characters felt boring, even annoying. There are other shows with bad guys in them (the Shield,…) but you rarely see one decide to become one.

Is Game of Thrones suitable for 15 year old?

Game of Thrones is a series with a lot of scenes of violence, gore, nudity, etc. Therefore it is suitable for people who are above 16. But Game Of Thrones is not just about that, it’s characters and storyline are complicated that you need to have a certain level of maturity to understand it.

Does Game of Thrones get boring?

Yes, I found GOT to be extremely boring. Personally, I think the show is hyped up like anything by a lot of people who think their IQ shot up the roof by watching that show; or they’ll be accepted better in friend circles.

Why did got Fail?

Game of Thrones failed because it built an expectation it could never deliver on. … Game of Thrones built a relationship with its fanbase based on trust: fans trusted that the show would always neglect the predictability inherent to a good vs. evil divide, and then violated that presumption.

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