What if obi wan killed anakin on mustafar?

Padme would have survived if Obi-Wan killed Anakin before they meet at Mustafar. She would have been a sad and lonely widow which would make Obi-Wan feel regret for what he did since Padme was in love with Anakin.

Why didn’t Obi-Wan kill Anakin on Mustafar?

Out-of-universe, we know Vader survives. He has to; the next three movies make no sense if Vader dies on Mustafar. So, Obi-Wan can’t kill him. Whatever machination the script-writers needed to get Vader so badly disfigured he couldn’t live outside his suit, but NOT kill him, was the order of the day.

What if Obi-Wan saves Anakin on Mustafar?

Originally Answered: What if Obi-Wan saved Anakin at the end of their duel, by taking him and his wife to Polis Massa, and reviving both? Most likely, Yoda would have executed Anakin. If not, Anakin would have found his way back to Palpatine. Anakin was pretty far gone.

Did Obi-Wan think Anakin died on Mustafar?

Obi-wan didn’t know that Yoda had failed until after leaving Mustafar, so in his mind they could’ve succeeded. I think Obi-wan thought Anakin would die soon. … Obi Wan was very hesitant on killing Vader in the first place, to him, he could tell Anakin was still inside the monster.

What if Anakin killed Padme on Mustafar?

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If Anakin kills Padme on the spot, Obi-Wan will realise this is not merely an extreme manifestation of the rage his Padawan has exhibited before, but a sign that Anakin no longer has any attachments whatsoever to his old world; he truly is Darth Vader.

Did Obi-Wan regret not killing Anakin?

“Nothing happens by accident.” If we unpack that philosophy and apply it to Anakin/Vader on Mustafar, Obi-Wan would never regret delivering the death stroke to him because: Anakin/Vader would never have had the opportunity to turn back, being thus destroyed as a weapon of the Dark side.

Could Obi-Wan have killed Vader?

Obi-wan had found the immortality that Vader so desperately sought. In the end, Obi-wan was victorious not only over Vader, but also Sidious, to whom Vader had turned to for the power over death but who could, ultimately, not provide. Obi-wan, however, showed him the way. Yes he could, and he did.

What if Anakin never lost to Obi-Wan?

If he never lost his limbs or got burned, he would feel immensely powerful and arrogant, as he did before the duel with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. In fact, he would feel so proud, he would kill Palpatine, just as he told Padme that he would “overthrow the Chancellor.” Then, he would rule the galaxy as unmasked Darth Vader.

What if Anakin made Obi-Wan to the dark side?

If Anakin decided to join the Sith, Obi-Wan and Mace die. Order 66 would be executed and the Jedi would be wipe out. Palpatine would send Vader to the Jedi Temple and then to Mustafar.

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What if Obi-Wan never followed Padme?

Conflict in their situation is inevitable because Padmé would never agree to follow him, and Vader would not allow her to leave, because he’d need to “save” her at all costs. The end result is Vader snapping and killing Padmé himself, since Obi-Wan is not there to stop him.

Did Vader regret killing Obi-Wan?

Did Vader ever regret killing Obi-Wan? Yes he did. And the saddest thing is that there was nothing he could do about it. … The first case is shortly after ROTS when Vader was making his Sith lightsaber.

How did Anakin lose to Obi-Wan?

A more careful eye might see even more ground difference during the fight. Even more, Obi Wan actually tried to outmaneuver Anakin in the lava fall. His strategy was obviously let him take the fall and burn. Even at that scene Anakin fell to the trap and grabbed the other cable and chased Obi Wan.

Why does Obi-Wan Kenobi not recognize R2D2?

Obi-Wan did in fact remember R2D2 after the little smirk he gave after seeing him in ANH when he rescued Luke from the sand people. C3PO had his memory erased so he doesn’t remember at all.

Does Anakin know he killed Padme?

Anakin believed Obi-Wan had “turned her against him” and began to use the Force to choke Padmé. He stopped before he actually killed her, but Padmé died during childbirth because of a broken heart. She simply lost the will to live. He didn’t directly kill her.

Did Padme kill Anakin?

So, as Anakin was dying from his wounds on Mustafar, the Emperor siphoned the Living Force from Padmé and brought it to Anakin. Thus, she died as he was reborn as Darth Vader.

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Did the force choke kill Padme?

Anakin’s Force choke only showed to render her unconscious in Revenge of the Sith. Padmé died because she supposedly “lost the will to live” from Anakin’s choice of turning to the Dark Side. Palpatine, however, lied about Padmé being killed as a way to have Vader fully under his control.

Did Anakin regret killing younglings?

The closest family he’d ever had other than his mother. The Dark Side after that, so new to him, so raw and powerful, made him feel superhuman and ultimately corrupted his mind. As Sidious intended. But, yes, he felt remorse.

Did Vader ever regret he did?

You also see him crying after wiping out the Seperatist leaders on Mustafar. He was terribly conflicted emotionally this entire time, and it’s pretty clear he regretted what he did from the beginning. Vader didn’t regret killing the jedi at all even when luke was in the picture Vader never cared about the the jedi.

Did Anakin ever regret he did?

, Writer and owner of www.StarWarsWavelength.com, home of the Star Wars FAQ! He regretted it the moment he did it. He asked himself what he just did, dropped his lightsaber, and was visibly ashamed of himself when Palpatine anointed him a Sith Lord and began his speech about wiping out the Jedi.

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