What did griffin show the colonel?

In Men in Black III, what did Griffin show the Colonel which cause him to let J and K into the lunar rocket liftoff? – Quora. He shows him that his complicity, including sacrificing his life for the cause*, will allow his young son to save mankind.

Why did agent J remember K?

4 Answers. He remembers agent k because he (agent J) was there–as a child. The pawn shop guy that helped him time travel forshadows this when agent J asks why he remembers. It is because right as the time fracture happened he had just been in contact with K and K was heavily on his mind.

Who Raised agent J?

In an act of sympathy K wiped the kid’s memory, giving us the reason for why J couldn’t remember his father. the little boy’s name was James, the same name as agent J. It seems that the implication is that this military man was, indeed, J’s father and raising the boy became a responsibility of K.

Does K raise J?

Speculation (as there’s no confirming or disconfirming evidence to the contrary): After his father was killed, the child who became J was taken by K back to his mother or another relative who then raised him until adulthood.

What happened to J’s dad in MIB?

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A young James meets a young Agent K J’s father, Colonel James Edwards Jr., was killed at Cape Canaveral in 1969 by Boris The Animal when assisting Agent K. … The only memento J had of his father was his fob watch.

What is Agent K’s real name?

Agent K (born Kevin “Kay” Brown) is a fictional character in the Men in Black franchise. Kay is portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones in the three films, with Josh Brolin portraying his younger self in the third film, and voiced by Ed O’Ross and Gregg Berger in the animated series.

Does K remember J from the past?

J actually changed the past going to 1969 and helping K with the ArcNet. Ok, so logically, K must remember J coming from future and helping him, because that was what really happened now. That is now the true story about July 16th 1969. J, as a time traveller, came from future and helped his friend K.

What is wrong with H in MIB?

Biography. High T was an exemplary agent of the MiB, rising through the ranks and becoming the head of the London branch of the MiB. … It is discovered that High T was infected by the Hive, and used his Neuralyzer to erase Agent H’s memories of the events, using the next three years to plot a new invasion of Earth.

Why did K choose J Men in Black?

In a real sad scene, we get to see Agent J watch his father, who he “never knew”, die. Young Agent K neuralizes young James and gives him his fathers watch. … It means that K remembered Agent J from all those years ago, finds him, and brings him into MIB in order for J to save his life.

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What happened Agent K?

Shortly after Boris’ escape, Agent K goes missing, and his existence has been wiped from everyone’s memory (Peter Bishop from Fringe style). The only one who notices his absence is Agent J, who heads to 1969 to stop Boris. But as in all time-travel movies there’s a catch: J has to avoid contact with his old partner.

Did K always know J?

K always knew Js father but he also always new J. Now in this version however (the film version of the timeline) K kills Boris this stops the loop and allows j to return to his own time and he and K to continue.

Will there be a MIB 5?

Men In Black 5 Story: International Doesn’t Set Up A Sequel Directly. Men in Black: International’s story doesn’t necessarily tee up a fifth film, with the characters in a pretty basic staus quo come the end.

Is Kay Laura’s father?

It is implied that her father is Kay, but he refuses to confirm this. Ironically if J did use the neuralyzer on Laura, it would’ve revealed a major plot point much earlier than the plot intended as it only works on human brain cells. She did not appear in Men in Black III, as she is on Zartha.

Who is Jay’s dad in Men in Black?

Actor information Colonel James Darrell Edwards II is Agent J’s father and a minor character in Men in Black 3. He is portrayed by Mike Colter.

How did Agent Zed died?

It was revealed that Zed died in 2012 due to unexplained causes; he was replaced as MIB director by Agent O. … Zed did not appear in MIB 3 due to Rip Torn’s arrest. He was never put in jail in exchange for pleading guilty and put on probation for 3 years.

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What happened to Agent K and J?

MIB3 ends after a time travel expedition, in which J finds out that K met him as a child after J’s father died and that his father was killed by an alien right in front of K. … With K safe, J is able to go back to the future and reunite with K. Now, that’s just what goes on within the movie.

Does Agent K die in MIB3?

With the help of Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), a being who can see all timelines, they track Boris down. J also learns a secret, something old Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) had never told him. … When he goes to M.I.B., he looks for K, but everyone there tells him, K died in 1969 after tackling with Boris.

How does K get his memory back?

Agent K regains his memory after looking at the stars Agent K returns to the lower part of the store and Jay is being ‘bended’ and attacked by several aliens searching for him. Kay shoots the alien holding Jay with his Noisy Cricket. With the help of Jay, Kay defeats all the aliens.

Is Agent C The Mole?

Agent C Is Way More Qualified For Head Of Section Set up as a red herring for the potential mole of Men In Black International, Rafe Spall’s Agent C seems like a regulatory nightmare when it comes to the actions of our heroes throughout the film.

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