Can you watch videos while on the phone and will the other person hear it?

Can the person on the phone hear my videos?

Originally Answered: On Android phones, can we play audio during a phone call so that a partner can hear it? Sure. It’s called ‚ÄúSpeaker Phone”. In the phone app, there will be an icon which resembles a speaker.

Can the other person hear your music on call?

If the microphone and speakers on the phone are of reasonable quality, the other party to the call will hear the music. He or she will also continue to hear anything you say, as well as ambient and other sounds in your immediate vicinity. It’s not possible to use Android as a GSM Gateway in its current form.

How can I watch a video while on a call?

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Step 1: Open MX Player and tap on the 3-dotted hamburger icon at the top right of the screen. Step 3: By default, it is checked. Now tap on it and uncheck it. This will enable the MX Player to play the videos even when you are in a call.

Can we watch YouTube while on call?

Squad is one of the best ways to watch YouTube videos with friends online. It enables both video calls and chat while you’re streaming the same video. And it works on phones as well as desktop browsers smoothly, making it one of the few YouTube sync watching apps to do that. You don’t need to sign up to use Squad.

Can the person on the phone hear my videos iPhone?

Things You Can Do While on a Call Here a few things you might not have known you could do while on a call: Watch videos or listen to music: The other person on the call won’t be able to hear any audio, even if you use speakerphone (we tested it). The audio reduces to background level, so you hear the other party.

Why can’t you hear music over the phone?

Why can’t we play music for both parties to hear on an Android phone while on call? – Quora. During a call, the other party listens to your voice through the microphone. When the music is played through the phone, due to Android limitations, the sound output cannot be recorded or shared directly.

Can I talk on the phone and listen to music?

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Currently, that is the mobile device speaker or a Bluetooth headset. You cannot play sound files in the conversation audio during a call. … Even if you can play music during callit does not necessarily means that theperson on the other side will hear it too.

How do I put my Iphone 12 on speaker during a call?

Try tapping the green bar at the very top of the screen. If when on a call you can only see the number dialer screen, Tap the “Hide” text at the bottom right corner of the screen to return to the phone options. Then Tap the Speaker icon to turn on the Speakerphone.

Can the person on FaceTime hear my music?

It is fairly easy. When in FaceTime call, the operating system will lower the playback volume of your music, and send it only to the headphones connected to the phone, and not to the person on the other end of your FaceTime call. They will only hear whatever sound comes out of your microphone.

How do I watch a chrome video while on a call?

  1. Visit a video page and start to play a video there.
  2. Open a new tab, switch to another app, or the launcher area of your device.
  3. Swipe down to display the notifications area.

How do I make video calls on my Samsung Galaxy S21?

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Phone icon. (lower-left).
  2. Tap the Menu icon. (upper-right).
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap the Video Calling switch to turn on or off . If presented, review the notification then tap OK to confirm.

How do I play Amazon Prime video while on a call?

  1. Start watching and chatting!
  2. Enter your name. Choose the name you’d like to use while chatting.
  3. Invite your friends. Share your Watch Party link with up to 100 people.
  4. Find a movie or TV show. Click on the Watch Party icon on your screen for movies.
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How can I watch videos on my iPhone while on the phone?

Can I mute the other person on FaceTime?

You can’t mute the other person on any phone call, FaceTime or otherwise. You can only mute your side of the application. If you muted the other person, you would have no way to know when they are done speaking or the what they were saying. So the only way to really mute the other person is to end the call.

Can you play music and talk on the iPhone at the same time?

Did you know that your iPhone can play audio from both your call and apps like YouTube simultaneously? The call will not mute while you play other audio. This means that you can watch a video, listen to music, or play a podcast while also keeping an ear on the conversation.

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