Can you use your ps3 account on ps4?

Yes, the same account that you used on your PS3 will work exactly the same on the PS4. Your PS3 trophies will be the same on the PS4. Only dual purchase (they are pretty rare) games will be able to be downloaded free on your new PS4.

Can you use the same PSN account for PS3 and PS4?

After some more, proper, research and actually trying it again, it seems like it is not possible to log in to the same PSN account on two different PS3’s at the same time. It is possible to have a PS4 and PS3 online on the same account simultaneously, however.

How do I connect my PS3 account to PS4?

  1. Sign in to an existing service. Visit one of the participating.
  2. Follow the prompts. Update your account by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Sign in to PSN. To complete the process, sign in to PlayStation Network.
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Can I use my PS4 login on my PS3?

You can. You can even use it on the Vita, PSP, PC, and even some TV’s.

Is PlayStation Network for PS3 shutting down?

PlayStation will not be shutting down its servers or store for PS3. While they’d initially announced they would close their PS3 game store, the company later reversed the decision.

Can I have two PS3 with the same account?

You can have the account present on both PS3 machines, but as you’ve observed, once you (try to) log on the second PS3 you get the error message, and you’ll have to log off the first PS3 before you can log on to the same (with the same account).

Can I merge two PlayStation accounts?

Those who currently have several different accounts can merge them all, or those that only have a PlayStation Network account can use that log-in to access the other services. … Combining users’ multiple separate accounts into one single PlayStation account will go a long way towards strengthening their brand’s identity.

Can you transfer games from PS3 to PS4?

PS4 doesn’t support ps, ps2 or ps3 games. You can’t re download them onto the console from the store for that reason. It is reasonable to assume that if Sony ever add support for, say, downloaded PS1 games then previously purchased titles will be available to you in the store.

How do you fix PSN error on PS3?

  1. A player needs to turn ON their PS3 console.
  2. Now, all you need to do is put the PlayStation 3 into Safe Mode.
  3. Then, just select option 2 which is “Restore Default Settings”, and after that restart your PS3.
  4. As soon as the console starts back up, sign into the affected PSN account.
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Why is my PS4 signing in to PSN?

The PS Network server is down due to maintenance: PS users will encounter “PlayStation Network Sign-In: Failed” when the server is in maintenance. You can go to the path: Setting > Network > Test Internet Connection and then follow the on-screen instructions to make sure your console can get online.

Can you sign into PS3?

Going online (signing in) Enter your sign-in ID (e-mail address) and password. Enter the sign-in ID (e-mail address) and password registered to you when you created your Sony Entertainment Network account. Select [Sign In]. You will be signed in once you have successfully connected to the network.

Why is PS3 PlayStation Store Not Working?

PSN could just be down, Sony prioritise the PS4 so the PS3 sometimes gets locked out temporarily. Update your PS3, sometimes PSN has an update and you need to update your console before you can connect. There’s an issue with the app, you can delete it and reinstall it.

Why does my PS3 keep signing me out of PSN?

In the settings under network, disable Media Server and disable Auto Sign-in as well and see if that makes a difference. If that does not work at all for you, it could be that the IP address on your PS3 is wrong. That way your PS3 cannot connect via router to the internet, no matter what DNS you have configured.

Does Netflix still work on PS3?

Netflix is available on the Sony PlayStation 3 in all regions where the Netflix service is available. Browse rows of movie posters or select Search to find movies. Stream TV shows and movies up to 1080p.

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How many PS3 accounts can be activated?

1 Answer. As of right now (March 2016), you can have two Primary active PS3 systems and one Primary active PS4 system according to the PSN FAQ page. You can sign into additional devices and download your games to play while logged in, but as soon as you log out the games become unlicensed for play by other users.

Can I log into my PlayStation account on someone else’s PlayStation?

Yes you can. You could even download your owned games and saved data(ps+ membership) on another ps4 while logged in. However you cannot log into two or more PS4 consoles at the same time with same PSN account.

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