Can you use regular vape juice in a suorin drop?

Normally 70% VG and 30% PG in vape juice works perfectly for pods like Suorin air or suorin drop. Pod systems like Suorin drop only produce up to 16–17 watt power and these pods were designed for MTL (mouth to lung) vaping. … You can use normal vape juices with devices like this without any problem.

What kind of vape juice can you put in a Suorin?

It’s best to use salt nic eJuice with your Suorin Air Devices. Since it is considered to be a low wattage output vape device, high nicotine liquids work perfectly with your pod.

Can you use normal vape juice for pod?

As pod devices are generally of a higher resistance, they do have difficulty in vaporising thicker VG vape juice. … Whilst you will still be able to use regular vape juice, because of the higher VG e-liquid you may experience shorter coil/cartridge lifespan.

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Do you have to use salt NIC in a Suorin drop?

We Recommend Using Nic Salt E-Liquid For The Suorin Drop Nic salts are easier to inhale without irritation and as a result, the user can inahle more nicotine. This can mean that you get more satisfaction with fewer vapes. We recommend using nic salt e-liquids with the Suorin Drop.

Can a Suorin drop get you high?

Suorin Drop is a refillable pod system that will not make you high and dry. The market has never seen anything quite like this refillable pod system.

Can you smoke salt NIC in a regular vape?

For vaping nicotine salts, you’ll need a pod system with a low wattage. We strongly recommend that you don’t use nic salts in a sub-ohm device, as this could make you very sick.

Can I use regular vape juice in a salt vape?

The answer to whether you can vape nic salts in a mod made for regular e-liquid vaping is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Technically, you can use nic salts in any mod designed for vaporizing e-liquids, whether specifically designed for freebase nicotine or otherwise.

Can salt NIC go in any vape?

No DO NOT use NIC salt in a regular vaping device. NIC salt is much more concentrated than traditional e-liquid because its designed to be used in a smaller, lower powered “POD” device. If you use in a regular vaping device you are gonna get way to much nicotine. NIC salt liquids usually come in 25 or 50mg.

Why does my Suorin drop taste burnt?

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It tastes burnt because the wick inside your atomizer coil has dried out and burned up when it was heated. If the wick is not fully saturated with eliquid when you take a puff, this material can char and leave a foul taste in your mouth. Vapers call this a ‘dry hit. ‘

How many cigarettes are in a Suorin pod?

– Bottom-fill 2.0mL refillable tank. – Easy-to-use magnetic connection. – Each pod cartridge is equivalent to 1 packs of cigarettes.

How long do Suorin shine pods last?

Exact Answer: 2 Weeks Suorin air pods are electronic cigarette which is completely electronic used for vaping. These devices can last for at least a week or two until and unless you run out of juices or burn the wick.

Is Suorin worse than Juul?

The Suorin is also more streamlined, eliminating the rough edges JUUL devices are known to have. 2) Suorin refillable pods seem to perform a bit better than the pre-filled, non-refillable JUUL pods. … Suorin pods seem to outperform JUUL pods in regards to flavor and vapor production based on the user’s choice of e-juice.

Is Suorins refillable?

The 2ml Suorin Air Cartridge is completely refillable. As one of the smaller vapes, it remains portable while keeping a ton of e-liquid capacity!

Why does Suorin drop blink blue?

The Suorin Air blinking blue is a common issue that is most likely caused by either a faulty pod or vape juice interrupting the connection between pod and battery. … This is possibly caused by using a high-PG nicotine salt or traditional vape juice.

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Is 20mg NIC salt strong?

Nic salts are much softer on the throat, without impacting the strength or flavour of the E-Liquid. As an example, a 20mg nic salt vape will give you around the same level of throat hit as a 3mg freebase nicotine, but with a far higher nicotine strength!

What is the difference between salt NIC and regular vape juice?

The only difference between nicotine salt vape juice and standard e-liquid is the addition of benzoic or citric acid. Since they are both naturally occurring in our bodies, salt nicotine is likely to be no more or less safe than freebase nicotine.

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