Can you use metrocard on lirr?

You can not use a MetroCard on the Long Island Rail Road. If you’re looking to save the $5.75 LIRR rail fare, you can take the Howard Beach branch to the A train or the Jamaica branch to the E train.

Does MetroCard work on LIRR?

They are not sold by the LIRR. MetroCard is a fare medium used for MTA NYC Transit subways and buses, and acceptable on NICE Bus. Some ticket options may be purchased with a MetroCard on the reverse side.

Do LIRR ticket machines take cash?

At a ticket machine For LIRR tickets: You can buy different tickets at different machines. Unless otherwise noted, they accept cash (up to $50 bills and coin, returning up to $17.75 in coin change) and credit and debit cards. Gray machines: Full-service.

Is the LIRR part of the MTA?

The LIRR is one of two commuter rail systems owned by the MTA, the other being the Metro-North Railroad in the northern suburbs of the New York area.

Can you ride the LIRR for free?

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They used have MTA police meet the train at an upcoming station to take you off. Children under age 5 ride the LIRR free at all times (no ticket required).  Up to four children (ages 5-11) ride for $1.00 each when accompanied by a fare-paying adult (18 years or older).

Why Is LIRR so expensive?

Because the LIRR is a commuter rail, its services are more costly to run. For example, a peak train from Long Island to Penn Station may go out of service after Penn Station and not pick up passengers, meaning there is only revenue one way. When you factor in the personnel cost, it becomes even more expensive.

Is LIRR safe at night?

LIRR is def safe late at night. On the weekends, there may be some drunks (had the joy of being trapped next to one twice!) but they usually leave you alone. If they are belligerent, the conductor will talk to them.

Can I use my LIRR ticket on another line?

Yes. You can even apply the value of your ticket to a trip with a higher fare, you will just have to pay for an extension of ride.

Do LIRR tickets expire?

Tickets are valid for six months from date of sale and may be used by more than one person, even when traveling together.

What is the salary of a Long Island Rail Road conductor?

Long Island Rail Road Conductors earn $66,000 annually, or $32 per hour, which is 30% higher than the national average for all Conductors at $49,000 annually and equal to the national salary average for ​all working Americans.

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What is off peak LIRR?

According to the MTA: “Peak Fares are charged during business rush hours, on any weekday train scheduled to arrive in NYC terminals between 6 and 10 AM or depart NYC terminals between 4 and 8 PM. Off-Peak Fares are charged all other times on weekdays, all day on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays.”

Can you use a MetroCard at Penn Station?

There are subway stations with metrocard machines at both the Seventh and Eighth Avenue ends of the Long Island Rail Road concourse in Penn Station.

Do students get discounts on LIRR?

The Long Island Rail Road has a Mail & Ride system that allows students to purchase discounted monthly train tickets online, which are then mailed to students. If your child will be traveling to and from school on the LIRR, this system is the most convenient way to purchase discounted monthly tickets.

How do I get LIRR tickets on my phone?

To access MTA eTix, download the free app on iPhone or Android and set up your account. Buy your LIRR ticket in advance of travel with a credit or debit card. Then, activate your ticket on the app just before you board the train so you can display it to the conductor.

How much is the LIRR from Atlantic Terminal to Jamaica?

Long Island Rail Road operates a train from Jamaica to Atlantic Terminal every 30 minutes. Tickets cost $3 – $12 and the journey takes 18 min.

Is there WiFi on LIRR?

The new services are being built out by wireless company Boingo and commuters can connect to “MTA Public WiFi” without a password, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. …

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