Can you use a sprint iphone on metro pcs?

Yes, as long as youre Sprint iPhone is unlocked, you should be able to use it on MetroPcs, depending on the model. If it is an iPhone 7, it can be used without any trouble. (make note that an AT&T/T-Mobile iPhone 7 won’t work on Verizon/Sprint, even though vice versa works fine).

Can you use a Sprint iPhone on MetroPCS?

Verizon, U.S Cellular, Sprint, and other CDMA Carriers: For example, Barring the iPhone 4 all Verizon and U.S Cellular iPhones are compatible with MetroPCS. … Many newer phones are designed to operate using either CDMA or GSM technology, which makes them far more versatile when you want to switch carriers.

Can I put a MetroPCS SIM card in a Sprint phone?

However, you are not going to be able to use an older Android devices, such as a Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 because these devices were built for only one type of network(technology). Yes you can eject the original sim card and put a MetroPCS sim in it. Though if your phone is sim locked to sprint it won’t work.

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How do you unlock a Sprint phone for Metro?

  1. Make sure your phone meets Metro’s unlock requirements.
  2. For older non-Apple devices: Find Metro’s unlock app in your phone’s Applications folder. Select Permanent Unlock, then restart your phone.
  3. For iPhones and newer smartphones: Contact Metro by phone or in person to request an unlock code.

Can a Sprint iPhone 8 work on MetroPCS?

Actually, it is not compatible. The Sprint version if the iPhone is not GSM compatible, and Sprint won’t be able to unlock it for use on any domestic GSM carrier. Metro PCS is primarily a GSM carrier. There is a product called an R Sim which may work for your Sprint iPhone to use Metro service.

How can I switch my Sprint phone to MetroPCS?

  1. Login to your Sprint PCS account from your computer’s web browser.
  2. Locate the nearest MetroPCS store.
  3. Press “@MetroBACKUP” from the new programming on your cell phone if available.
  4. Access the import contacts application.
  5. Call Sprint PCS to cancel your account.

Can Sprint iphones be unlocked?

Similar to other carriers, Sprint also locks its iPhone devices to the network, and user can’t simply switch out SIM cards. … If your iPhone was sold after February 2015, it’s already unlocked. Sprint now sells phones unlocked and just place the SIM cards in.

How much does MetroPCS charge to switch phones?

A $15 plus tax fee to change your device isn’t cheap, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to regularly switch to different phones. Now you can call Metro’s support and switch phones without having to pay a fee.

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Can I put my MetroPCS SIM card in an unlocked phone?

The carrier is accepting unlocked iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, and certain feature phones, but not BlackBerrys, tablets, or hotspots. … Once you’ve unlocked your phone, you must purchase a MetroPCS-branded SIM card in order to get your phone on the network.

Can I buy a phone from T-Mobile and use it with MetroPCS?

Yes a T-Mobile phone will work on MetroPCS. The phone must be unlocked, you can not be still in contract with T-Mobile, you can not owe T-Mobile money, and you can not still be in the process of paying off your phone to T-Mobile.

What does ## 72786 do?

Without a PRL, the device may not be able to roam, i.e. obtain service outside of the home area. … For Sprint, it is ##873283# (it is also possible to use code ##72786# on Android or ##25327# on iOS to completely clear out the service programming and redo OTA activation, which includes updating the PRL).

What is the network unlock code for Metro PCS?

In order to receive a network unlock code for your Samsung Metro Pcs you need to provide IMEI number (15 digits unique number). It can be found by dialing *#06# as a phone number, as well as by checking in the phone settings of your device.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with Metro PCS?

Use the IMEI number to check if your phone is compatible with Metro by T-Mobile’s network. Once your compatible phone is unlocked, purchase a Metro SIM Card and choose a Metro rate plan.

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Can I unlock my Sprint phone for free?

Sprint wireless phones are locked to the carrier’s network. … You can purchase an unlock code from an online company or request the code for free from Sprint. To get it from Sprint, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

Can I unlock a Sprint phone that’s not paid off?

Steps to Unlock AT&T or Sprint iPhone that’s Not Paid Off Get your device IMEI/MEID under Settings > General > About. Order the unlock service from our online store. Wait for the updates through email. Switch carrier SIM card.

How can I activate a MetroPCS phone without paying?

MetroPCS allows phone activation even without service. All you need to do is call MetroPCS customer care number and they will activate your phone without paying. The other way is by visiting their store.

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