Can you use a laptop hard drive on a desktop?

Laptop drives are usually 2.5″ or sometimes 1.8″ like this; It is possible to use a laptop drive (both traditional mechanical, spinning disk and SSD) in a desktop, but not a desktop drive in a laptop. As you can see physical space for the desktop drive inside the laptop is usually the constraint.

Are desktop and laptop hard drives the same?

The difference is just in size – laptop hard-drives are 2.5 inches in length (they are sometimes referred to as just 2.5″ drives, instead of laptop drives, as you can use them inside desktops as well) whereas desktop drives are 3.5 inches.

Can you use a laptop hard drive in a desktop Reddit?

Some newer desktop cases come with 2.5″ laptop drive slots, or you can buy a 3.5″ to 2.5″ adapter like this to mount the hard drive. With sata, the power/data cables are the same between 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives so no need for cable adapters, you can just plug in and go.

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Can I put a 2.5 hard drive in a desktop?

Yeah you can. It works the same way, only difference is that 2.5″ HDDs are a bit slower since they are smaller so that they can fit in a laptop. Also they are a bit more expensive but besides that they operate the exact same way as the 3.5″ HDDs found in traditional desktops.

Are laptop hard drives universal?

4 Answers. Laptop hard drives are fairly generic.

Can I use laptop SSD in desktop?

You will have to use a SATA to M. 2 adapter that goes in to a PCIe slot, connect the SSD to the adapter and then use it on your desktop computer.

How do you install a hard drive in a laptop?

  1. Turn off the laptop.
  2. Unplug the AC adapter.
  3. Prepare your work area.
  4. Remove the battery.
  5. Ground yourself before touching the old drive, and again before opening the bag or box that holds the new drive.
  6. Locate the hard disk drive compartment or bay.

What is SATA cable?

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) or Serial ATA cables are used to connect devices in computer cable assemblies, such as storage devices, for example. … SATA cables can connect a range of devices, including: Hard drives.

Can I connect 2.5 SATA to desktop?

According to the standard, SATA data/power connectors are universal and there is no risk of damage if you connect a 2,5″ disk to a desktop system. I have done so countless times and never had a problem.

How do I choose a computer hard drive?

  1. Drive speed: Hard drives spin at a certain number of revolutions per minute (rpm). A speed of 7200 rpm is nice, and 10,000 rpm is better.
  2. Buffer: In computer-speak, buffer means memory.
  3. Interface: This is either SATA (Serial ATA) or plain ATA.
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Is it hard to replace a laptop hard drive?

Replacing a desktop, laptop, or tablet hard drive is easy You’ll need to replace the hard drive in your computer for one of two reasons: either your current drive has experienced a hardware failure and needs replaced or you want to upgrade your primary hard drive for increased speed or capacity.

How do I know if a hard drive is compatible with my computer?

To check the SATA compatibility, you can look at the specification page of your laptop or desktop (or maybe the Motherboard’s Model Number, if assembled). Even if you have SATA 2.0 compatible motherboard in your computer, that doesn’t mean you can only use SATA 2.0 drive in your system.

Are SSD same for laptop and desktop?

It will fit and work the same way. Hard drives have desktop and laptop variants with the desktop versions physically much larger; most SATA SSD are in the 2.5″ “laptop” form factor. Newer desktop cases use special mounts or an adapter can be used with a standard desktop case to fit the smaller drives.

Is SSD different for desktop and laptop?

In fact you could say, there’s no difference between a laptop SSD and a desktop SSD – they’re very often the exact same thing. One thing to note, when referring to a SSD as a 2.5″, this means it’s encased in a box matching the dimensions of a HDD.

How can I use my laptop SSD in my PC?

  1. Shut down your system. Disconnect the power cable and remove the battery.
  2. Open your laptop’s case. Refer to your owner’s manual for how to do this.
  3. Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface.
  4. Locate the storage bay.
  5. Plug the SSD into your system.
  6. Your SSD is now installed in your laptop!
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Can I swap hard drives between laptops?

As long as they’re both the same size and connect via the same interface (SATA/IDE/etc) it could work. The operating system and software are located ON those hard drives, so if you did switch them the operating system and software (not to mention personal files) would switch as well.

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