Can you take zipcar out of state?

Zipcar is a round trip service, so your Zipcar must be returned to the same location where you picked it up originally. If your location has multiple Zipcar parking spots, you can park in any available Zipcar spot. Make sure to lock up with your app or your Zipcard to end your trip.

Can I take a Zipcar on a road trip?

Driving Abroad Luckily, you can drive your Zipcar into the US without any problems. Our three-day trip through the state turned out to be one of my favourites, and it just wouldn’t have been the same without Zipcar.

Can you drive Zipcar long distance?

There’s not a limit on how far you can drive your Zipcar, but there is a limit on how many of those miles are included in your trip. Zipcars in the United States: … 20 free miles for each additional hour of your reservation until you reach 180 miles.

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Can you park Zipcar at different locations?

During your reservation you are able to park in other areas, but if you’re stopping over in a space that requires a fee, you’re responsible for paying it. We recommend Roundtrip for longer journeys, and they can be booked by the hour or day/s.

What happens if you go over 180 miles in Zipcar?

Regardless of how many hours you need the car for, ZipCar allows you to drive up to 180 miles at no additional charge. Should you need to drive a longer distance, you’ll need to pay 45 cents per additional mile you put on the car. In some cases, premium vehicles cost 55 cents for each mile over 180 miles.

Is Zipcar cheaper than Uber?

Zipcar is often more affordable than its competition. … With base fees, per-mile, and per-minute charges, Uber and Lyft are more expensive than Zipcar for trips of any length.

Does Zipcar pay for gas?

We are happy to pay for gas, but we count on members to fuel the vehicles. Every Zipcar has a gas card in the visor above the driver’s seat that should be used when fueling the vehicle. Your Zipcar needs to be left with at least 1/4 tank of gas, no matter how much it had at the start of the reservation.

Do I have to pay for parking with Zipcar?

When you’ve finished your reservation make sure that you return your Zipcar to its dedicated parking bay. During your reservation you are able to park in other areas however if you’re stopping over in a car park or space that requires a fee, you’re responsible for paying.

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Can I rent a Zipcar for a day?

Both you can book on-demand at any time of day or night! Just book online or in the app whenever you’re ready, 24/7/365! You you can rent by the hour or day, Flex you can drive by the minute.

What happens if you return a Zipcar late?

Returning a vehicle late (in addition to the per hour fees for use of the vehicle): $50 ($50 CAD) per late hour or any part thereof, up to a maximum of $150 ($150 CAD) per late return.

Can you return a Zipcar early?

You are always able to return the Zipcar early. Just leave it at its home location clean and with at least 1/4 tank of gas, and ready for the next member. You can use either your Zipcard or mobile app to lock the doors.

How long does it take for Zipcar to approve your application?

Most members are approved to drive within minutes. In some cases, it may take up to several days if we need to review your application, and we may need to request additional documentation. Once you’re approved, download the iPhone® or Android™ app and book Zipcars instantly.

Can I use Zipcar before I get my zipcard?

Yes you can use zip car without having the actual zip card with you in United States. You can unlock and lock the zip car via their smartphone app and once you unlocked it you are good to go.

Can someone else drive my Zipcar?

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Only properly licensed active Zipcar Members in good standing are allowed to drive Zipcar vehicles. Non-Members are expressly prohibited from driving a Zipcar vehicle at any time.

Does Zipcar have cameras inside?

Are there cameras in Zipcars? – Quora. There are no cameras in Zipcars, no. Zipcar does have the capacity to track the location of the car (similar to a LoJack system), but assures drivers that that data is only used in the event the car isn’t returned to its assigned parking spot in a reasonable amount of time.

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